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Jennifer Caughey
Property Manager, Parkway Realty Services

Landscape Services Group is the ideal landscaping company to partner with if you want a beautiful setting for your buildings. The staff is fun and easy to work with and willing to easily adjust to your specific building needs. It's a joy to work with a company that has passion and enthusiasm for what they do. I am proud to tell my tenants, co-workers and friends that LSG is a crucial part of our Team. They are responsible for the sense of community you feel when you enter the Forums.


Candi Mitchell
Property Manager - LEDIC

Their staff is extremely courteous, knowledgeable, thorough and quality oriented. I believe it is their commitment to being the best that sets them apart, and their detail in customer service and responsiveness that will make them one of the most sought-after landscape companies in our area.


Mary Leesa Simmons
Regional Manager - IDI

Landscape Services Group has been a vital part of our team for many years. They are dedicated to providing excellent service to their customers and they make you feel like you are their only customer. LSG has gone from providing maintenance service to one industrial park to servicing more than 5 million square feet of industrial office parks for IDI in Tennessee and Mississippi. They began providing new installation/construction service for IDI about 2 years ago and continue to provide this service to us with each new project that comes on line. Their dedication to customer service, attention to detail, and flexibility is far above their competition.


Kathryn Jones
President, Almadale Farms

280 Homes - Collierville... Working with LSG is truly a pleasure, as they are professional and responsive. We no longer need to make frequent calls to our landscape company since LSG’s service is meticulously attentive, and they think of everything we need to keep our subdivision attractive and well maintained.


Alexandra Mobley
Asset Manager

The Uptown Partnership - Belz / Turley... Landscape Services Group have literally performed miracles in Uptown after taking on our properties in Spring 2005. In Uptown LSG took on unique challenges such as sites with 75+ year old magnolias, areas where grass hasn't been established in over half a century and the need to incorporate modern landscaping techniques into a historic setting without compromising atmosphere. They have been able to improve the appearance and curb appeal of our product, thus increasing its rental and sales value. From large-scale apartment complexes to scattered single-family dwellings, LSG has been able to analyze and meet each property's specific needs. The staff is always careful and courteous; we couldn't be happier!


Jeannette Fleischer
Dir./ Property Management - CB/Richard Ellis

Landscape Services Group has been a pleasure to work with. They are quick to respond to service requests. They take pride in making their properties present as beautifully as possible, which of course makes us look good. I recommend their services.